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ECCUS ECO-caverns offer an innovative solution to optimize the use of your existing land. By utilizing underground spaces, we enable you to free up valuable surface square meters while preserving the integrity of your parcel.

With our unique approach, you can transfer installations that do not require permanent human presence into our ECO-Caverne™. Whether it's for storage, data centers, or production lines, our underground infrastructure offers an efficient and sustainable alternative.

By deploying your activities in our ECO-Caverns, you free up land for other uses while increasing the overall value of your plot. This strategy allows you to maximize the potential of your land without compromising its capabilities or attractiveness. Investing in our underground eco-solutions not only represents an opportunity for immediate land valorization but also a commitment to sustainable urban development.

With ECCUS, fully exploit the potential of your plot while contributing to the preservation of our environment.


Thanks to the absence of impact on your plot's occupancy coefficient, installations that do not require permanent human presence can be transferred underground (storage, datacenters, production lines). This allows you to free up land for other purposes while increasing the value of your plot.

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