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Maximise your project value by transferring underground the technical facilities or your heat source, such as a datacenter. 

Projects can stall due to excessive carbon footprint or insufficient profitability. Creating an underground space with no permanent surface structure avoids impacting both the the Plot Ratio (PR) and the Site Coverage ratio (SC) which opens many opportunities to improve your project's profitability while reducing its energy consumption as well as its carbon footprint.
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No permanent surface structure due to the ingenious retractable lift structure. Thus the plot's whole surface can be used to its fullest

Invisible structure

Excavation de la calotte


Our product exists in three standardized sizes, to best fit your project's requirements. Delivered under a turnkey contract, with a fast-track approach made possible by the absence of any permanent surface structure. 

Our ability to integrate our ECO-Caverne™ underground space into your project frees up surfaces for extra apartments, with a positive impact on profitability while improving your project's carbon footprint.

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