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The constant regulatory changes faced by developers require innovative solutions to maximize the use of land resources. Our innovative approach allows property owners to capitalize on their deep geology transfering technical or storage facilities into deep underground spaces, which enables a significant increase in available net sales surfaces. It thus drastically improves the project's architectural flexibility for developers and urban planners.

The construction of a standardized underground structure is made with no visual impact. Another advantage is that the design can be rapidly included into the building permit application.

By choosing an ECO-Caverne™, property owners can liberate the untapped potential of their land and even consider the prospect of acquiring neighbouring plots' undergrounds, thus enabling the project to extend beyond its initial boundaries.

Our approach is to collaborate closely with the architect in order to integrate the caverne's accesses into the surrounding environment, paving the way for new horizons in urban development while preserving the quality of life by reducing the project's carbon footprint.


The invisibility of the ECO-Caverne™ allows seamless integration into any surface project while increasing the net sales area of your project.

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